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If you want to turn your hair from the hairdresser into a heart beat and show off a very long dizziness hair, rely on our hairdressers, who have developed a precise technique that does not damage the hair. The fashion of applying extensions to hair has been around for many years. The hairdresser adds natural or synthetic hair strands to stretch or give volume to your hair. The biggest difficulty is finding the strands suitable for the type and color of your hair, so that the result is as natural as possible. The hairdresser applies extensions to the root of your natural hair and fixes them with keratin, a substance that dries and becomes imperceptible. Keratin is a waterproof protein that makes hair solid. The duration of the extensions applied by the hairdresser depends on the quality of the strands. Good quality extensions can last up to 5 months while basic extensions last approximately 2 months. The greatest risk is that the strands added by the hairdresser suffocate your natural hair. Less oxygenated, your hair can become more brittle and risk breaking more easily. Extensions made with hair and not synthetic fibers are the most valuable ever and as such have a fairly high cost, even from the hairdresser, which grows with increasing quality.

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